Ingredients for sports nutrition

Amino acid peptide complex BCAA IPH–AGAA

The amino acid peptide complex BCAA IPH–AGAA is an innovative product incorporating BCAA and the short peptide IPH–AGAA.

BCAA is a complex made up of the three amino acids isoleucine, leucine and valine, which are important components of protein. Unlike other amino acids, they are not synthesized by the organism. The three amino acids have been combined into one complex, as they act simultaneously and complement each other.

Use of these amino acids during athletic training protects muscle tissue from overload and regulates the secretion of certain hormones. As a result, these amino acids are essential for gaining dry muscle mass.

IPH AVN peptide

Complementing the BCAA complex with the short peptide IPH AVN helps solve another problem which haunts professional sports: excessive use of the circulatory system which does not get the time to recover after intensive training. The peptide strengthens the internal paries of the blood vessels formed of endothelial cells, and has a preventive effect, reducing the risks of cardiovascular pathologies such as atherosclerosis, IHD (ischemic heart disease), etc.
As a result of clinical studies, the following properties of the IPH AVN peptide have been observed:

  • Reduction of the negative impact of environmental factors on the cardiovascular system;
  • Increase of blood vessels’ endurance, resistance to intense training;
  • Retardation of the aging processes of the body, especially those expressed in degradation of endothelium elasticity and of the cell regeneration process.

The intake of the BCAA complex with IPH AVN has no contraindications and can be recommended to a wide range of athletes practicing sports of different intensity. As IPH AVN is a short peptide, it is rapidly absorbed by the circulatory system and delivered to the muscle tissues. The molecule is produced in vitro and contains no extraneous particles of animal DNA or other compounds that can damage a human body.

The innovative product used for the gain of dry muscle mass and for the maintenance of the blood vessels in good health has all the European Certification documents. It does not contain preservatives or any other additives.

IPH AEN peptide

The decision to include the peptide IHP AEN in the BCAA complex is based on the results of clinical studies that have confirmed its effectiveness in counteracting degenerative processes in the cartilage of joints. For weightlifters and athletes who actively use strength exercises during the training, this issue is particularly relevant as they often face premature joint wear and concomitant disease.

The results of the regular intake of the BCAA complex with peptide IPH AEN:

  • stopping or significant slowing of degenerative processes in cartilage tissue;
  • maintaining the full functionality of the joint during aging;
  • prevention of joint diseases and inflammatory processes;
  • effective regeneration of the bone tissue, which slows down with age;
  • preservation of the cartilage structure at the cellular level, production of collagen type II, hyaluronic acid and other components of the intercellular matrix in the required volume;
  • Intensification of chondrocyte synthesis to balance catabolic processes.

Peptide IPH AEN is smaller than a conventional molecule, so it is not destroyed under the action of gastric juice and is completely transported through the circulatory system to the cartilage tissues.