Ideal Pharma GmbH is an innovative European company in Germany.

Using international experience and knowledge on the peptides, the company has developed the production technology and methods of analysis for peptide complexes; it is conducting research on the effectiveness of their use, both in pure form and in peptide-based products.

Sophisticated, high-tech process of the peptide and peptide complex production implies the presence of complex biotechnological innovations and techniques, enormous scientific and laboratory facilities, it allows the company to take the leading place in a new segment of the market of peptides and commodity systems based on them.

Peptide complexes for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry for the production of sports nutrition and dietary supplements designed by Ideal Pharma GmbH were the epitome of the results of global research. Peptide complexes we offer represent high-tech raw materials ready for use in your ambitious plans. This is an opportunity to create innovative products and bring them to market.

Пептиды и цепочка ДНК

Investments in innovations increase your profits

Investments in innovative products eventually lead to a high added value when compared with products available on the market and thus maximize the profit of your company. The standard products presuppose strong competition and therefore lower added value for the manufacturing company.

We offer our partners an opportunity to increase rentability via lower expenses, to improve technology and make the most of the production capacity. Actual production costs (staff, space, equipment and energy) are reduced, there is no residual stock at the warehouses, there is no need to purchase additional components (anti-clotting agents, moisture retainers, sliding agents and others), there is no need to address the issues of mixing and obtaining a homogeneous raw material or considering different periods of raw material shelf life and its availability at your production site

By receiving ready-made innovative complexes, our partners obtain a business solution with a high added value of the end product. Taking into account that each product brought to market has its own life cycle, we strive to be a step ahead and offer innovative complexes right from the beginning which will allow our partners to redesign the future portfolio of their product line.

In today’s fast-paced world, investments in innovation represent the company’s competitiveness. Those who use advanced scientific solutions before their competitors do have the maximum competitive advantage and are rapidly moving ahead.

The first companies presenting innovative products seize a significant market share and maximize profits.

The amount of global market of products containing peptides, bln $

График инвестиаций в продукты на основе пептидов

Physiologically highly active short peptides of IPH are completely identical in structure to the active centers of polypeptide molecules and are not perceived by the body as foreign substances.



In the near future we will see the emergence of the peptide complexes on the labels of the products we usually buy at the supermarket.

Today we are not surprised by vitaminized milk or bread with vitamins, rich in minerals and trace elements, breakfast cereals or sunflower oil, etc.

We see vitamin and mineral mixtures in virtually every product in our home, and the situation with peptides is the same — they are already part of our usual diet.

Science is going from discoveries to practice in leaps and bounds: Just over a hundred years have passed since the discovery of peptides, and we have them on our table, in our home and life.


The essential difference of peptide complexes developed by Ideal Pharma GmbH is the simplicity and availability of the peptide application, they are embedded in the usual products for sports (BCAAs, Arginine, Glutamine, Carnitine, Creatine, Taurine, etc.) at the molecular level, these products are used by every, not even a professional, athlete.

For the body to receive peptides today it is not necessary to take additional separate capsules or tablets, and injections are no longer required. Standard storage conditions allow not to worry about the shelf life. Correctly matched peptides are combined into peptide complexes, having a pronounced activity of a directed effect.


Since the end of the last century, peptides have been widely used in sports, replacing hormones. For an athlete to gain strength, endurance and rapid recovery, training and proper nutrition are not sufficient. He/she definitely needed pharmacological agents providing the selective effect of a range of hormones, yet not violating the general hormonal background.

Optimal and safe substitutes for wide-spread hormonal drugs were peptides, the main properties of which include activation of the growth hormone, stimulation of the increased lean muscle mass, increase in the metabolism rate, fat burning, a shorter recovery period of the body, strengthened bones and cartilage and enhanced immunity.

Widespread and popular today, synthetic peptide drugs require individual selection and a certain dosage, they are difficult to use because they are injectable medications, they require special storage conditions and careful use only under the supervision of specialists.

When taking such medication, it is necessary to closely study the description of peptides, carefully select dosage, number of in-takes, know the precise time of action and calculate the working intervals of dosages — a full course shall be undergone. The combination of the peptides with each other is crucial. All these difficulties make an administration of injectable peptides not feasible for the majority of people doing different sports.

Once upon a time…

In the 70s, the students of a famous German doctor managed to “preserve” embryonic cells.

The experiments of Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate in the field of Biology, proved that cell cultures which underwent such treatment retained their basic properties.
After that the world’s first cellular cosmetics appeared which later grew into the extensive and promising area of dermal reductants.
Доктор Варбург
Нобелевский лауреат в области биологии

For the first time…

Peptides were discovered in the early XX century by the German chemist Hermann Emil Fischer. In 1900, he put forward the hypothesis that the peptides consist of chains of amino acids formed by certain bonds. Already in 1902 he obtained irrefutable proof of the existence of peptide bonds, in 1905 he invented a method of a peptide synthesis in the laboratory.

This discovery marked the beginning of peptide studies. Scientists started studying the structure of various compounds developing methods for the splitting of polymeric compounds into monomers, synthesizing more and more peptides.
For little more than 70 years of studying peptides, mankind had been going through a phase of quantitative accumulation of knowledge, but 30 years ago quantity was transformed into quality, a breakthrough took place: the unique action of short peptides was revealed to the world.
Химическая формула аминокислоты
Герман Эмиль Фишер

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Dr. Med. R. Roitman

Symposium left a very positiv impression on me. I am glad that not only doctors and scientists are involved in longevity, but also many public organizations too, including WHO. In addition I had a good opportunity to meet new colleagues from leading world universities and institutes and hold discussions with them on issues interesting me.

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International Symposium in Geneva (Switzerland)

International Symposium in Geneva (Switzerland) International symposium was held in Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva on May 27, 2017. It was devoted to life span extension, resources and their activation by drugs, functional products and dietary supplements based on peptide bioregulators. In symposium took part leading scientists from all over the world, professors of best world […]

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