Short peptides and peptide complexes

Peptide complexes by Ideal Pharma Peptide for food and beauty industries, for sport and food supplements

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Short peptides. Modus operandi.

Peptide complexes – innovation in molecular biology.

01 Peptides and amino acids which form part of the peptide composition can be embedded into various cell formations, enzyme systems by contributing to the maintenance of the structure and function of all organs and tissues.
02 The main task of peptides consists of transfering information from one cell to another. As a result the body starts healing itself at the cellular level by its own means.
03 Unlike proteins which arrive in the body with food, a short peptide does not decompose in the stocmach but reaches the bloodstream in short order.
04 The result of the action of short peptides depends on the chosen peptide complex: muscle gain, healthy joints and blood vessels, improvement of the vision function.

About Ideal Pharma Peptide

Peptide complexes developed by Ideal Pharma Peptide and intended for food and cosmetic indistries as well as for production of sports nutrition and biologically active supplements embody the results of the global international research results.

Peptide complexes we offer represent high-tech raw materials ready for use in your ambitious plans. This is an opportunity to create innovative products and bring them to market.

IPH/SNL/IPP complexes with short peptides.

пептидные комплексы для здоровья от компании Идеал Фарма пептид


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