Biohacking Secrets

What is biohacking? The fashionable and volatile trend of intellectuals from Silicon Valley? Or a real chance to significantly extend life and improve its quality? What is the difference between biohacking and a healthy lifestyle and how you can "promote" your brain - you can read in this article.

Biohacking VS anti-age

Biohacking is sometimes confused with anti-aging philosophy because of a similar basic message – the desire for active and healthy longevity. However, biohacking is a broader concept with very specific goals. The anti-aging medicine aims to preserve (prolong) the youth, and therefore there are a variety of aesthetic techniques in their arsenal that are intended to wipe away any signs of age from your face.

Biohacking is not only external youth and physical health, but especially the youth of the brain. Memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease is increasingly referred to as the major disease of the 21st century. To get rid of wrinkles and flabbiness of the body, everyone already knows how. And only the elect can still maintain common sense and strong memory until solid years.

Is it possible to live up to 100-120 years in a megacity with its daily stresses and aggressive environmental impact? Yes, and under such conditions you can live long!

How can you do that? “Hack” yourself and your brain in particular – to teach it, to solve complex tasks, to work long and continuously, to surpass standard skills and to avoid all competitors.

Biohacking as a way to become a superman (Neo-Human)

Where does biohacking start? First get to know yourself! Of course you think that you know yourself and the possibilities of your body well, but do not be mistaken. Even if you regularly check-up or complete medical examination, control blood sugar levels, blood pressure, heart rate and other indicators, you still cannot guess a lot.

Do you set yourself the goal of living in a clear mind and healthy for at least 100 years? Then try to find out more about your body and help it! The risks and possibilities of internal organs and systems are purely individual and should be assessed realistically.

Go beyond basic health care and learn more about yourself. First, you should evaluate your brain’s abilities and teach them to make the right decisions quickly. After all, now it can be done for less money than the first biohackers had to spend.

Intellect and longevity

In the pursuit of longevity, it is important to pay attention to the health of the body. But to reach the level of the Superman, it is not enough to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, to eat properly, and moderate exercise. It’s more important to “get smarter” to teach your brain to work more efficiently, to expand its starting abilities, and thereby adjust the whole body for a long intelligent life.

Agree that the statements are “all people are equal”, “we all have the same opportunities”, mildly speaking, exaggerated. There are a lot of close-minded people who do not develop their intellect and do not strive for progress. (You are not one of them, as you are reading this article and are interested in biohacking.

Homo sapiens and Peptides

If we follow the theory of universal equality, we can assume that all apes have become humans as a result of evolution. However, this is not the case – not all primates came to humanization, most of them became gorillas and chimpanzees.

Today, there is a theory that a high level of development of Homo sapiens compared to other biological species of Homo has become possible due to the high concentration of specific protein compounds in the brain cells – namely peptides. In an extreme situation, the peptides gave the brain the right signal on how to act. The ability to react quickly and accurately under stress gave Homo sapiens the opportunity to develop faster than their relatives.

This theory has the right to exist, and the positive effects of peptides on memory and brain function have already been reliably proven.

These are peptides that help humans today to move to the next level of natural evolution – to the Superman (neo-human). Peptide complexes protect the brain from overload, reduce emotional stress, and restore the psycho-emotional state. They extend life and significantly improve its quality!

Biohacking methods

Healthy sleep, rational nutrition and regular, short-term fasting, optimal hormone levels, ability to fully recover and relax, meditation and regular sex – together, these components can extend your life.

But a healthy diet cannot provide the body with 100% essential nutrients (no matter which method you follow). The right food cannot feed your brain to solve super tasks.

One of the main differences between biohacking and anti-aging therapy is the proven need for dietary supplements and micronutrients. Measurement and sound mind are especially important here. For excessive adherence to drugs, by the way, today the most often criticized are brainiacs – some of them practice self-prescription and long-term medication without consulting with specialists.

The main difference between peptide complexes and drugs is that peptides are not drugs! Peptides are a family of substances whose molecules are composed of residues of organic compounds – amino acids. Peptides are perceived in the body as native, organic substances and are therefore easily digestible and without side effects.

Short peptides for your longevity

Most of the micronutrients and medicines should be prescribed by a doctor after thorough examination. With peptides things are easier: if you want to expand your brain’s abilities, you can start feeding it right now.

New meaning in biohacking brought active nutritional supplements with peptide complex IPH AVN from Ideal Pharma Peptide. This unique composition includes complex of short peptides and amino acids. New peptide complexes can help you reach the main goal of biohacking – to live up to 100-120 years in a right mind and a healthy body.

Amino acid peptide product Amino peptide complex IPH brain mem promotes concentration and learning ability. This complex is aimed at stimulating the work of the brain by removing free radicals from the body, improving blood circulation in the brain, improving mental activity and memory. The main component of this composition is the peptide complex IPN AVN, which restores the walls of the blood vessels, including those of the brain, eliminating all damage to the blood vessels and thereby improving the function of all parts of the brain.

The unique Amino peptide complex IPH brain rel helps you reduce the pressure of emotional effort and restore the psycho-emotional state. The carefully developed formula of the peptide composition helps to get rid of irritability, to increase concentration, to normalize sleep and to improve intellectual ability. This product contains – Peptide complex IPH AVN – a highly effective bioregulator that increases the bioavailability of amino acid molecules.

The effect of the Amino peptide complex IPH brain max aims to improve the bioenergy and metabolic processes in brain cells. Results of taking the complex: improvement of mental activity, strengthening cortical-subcortical connections, stimulating learning ability and memory, increasing brain resistance to damaging factors. The short peptide AVN as part of this complex immediately reaches its maximum concentration in the bloodstream and significantly increases the efficacy of the composition.

New peptide complexes seem to be able to give biohacking a new developmental impetus. Dreams of 100-120 years of healthy living with their help are becoming more and more real. Undoubtedly, these dreams will be able to realize people with high intelligence who can improve themselves and “promote” their brains.