Functional drinks

People have become more demanding on the quality of food and drinks. The priority today is natural food which does not contain harmful ingredients and brings only benefit to the body. Functional drinks that contain exclusively organic substances needed by the body appeared for the people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

New age of functional drinks
New age of functional drinks ideal pharma peptide

Today the market offers a wide variety of these products among which it is worth to highlight drinks saturated with amino acids. These substances are necessary for production of protein molecules, and 9 of them are irreplaceable and must be ingested from food, water or dietary supplements.

For protein synthesis to occur fully, the ratio and concentration of amino acids must be normal. They are easily dissolved in water and quickly digested by the gastrointestinal tract, making functional drinks a biologically active product. It should be noted that they act like short peptides, which, entering the gastrointestinal tract, are instantly delivered to the bloodstream. An excellent example in this regard are Peptide Complexes IPH from the German company Ideal Pharma Peptide. They are like proteins designed to restore the body and remove harmful substances.

Table 1 presents the classification of Functional Drinks according to various criteria.

Functional Drinks  Effect  Components  Designated purpose  Subgroups 
General strengthening  Provide optimal vital activity through essential nutrients  Nutrients and microelements  For all age categories of healthy population   
Preventive action  Prevent exacerbation of chronic diseases and the formation of new pathologies through correction  Nutrients and microelements  Diabetic, immunostimulative, dietary, antimutagenic, reducing the risk of somatic diseases   
Adaptogenic action  Provide normal functioning of organs and systems in conditions of increased physical and mental stress  Nutrients and microelements  Energy, soothing, tonics, drinks against motion sickness   
Special purpose  Increase resistance to high adverse effects and are used in the treatment of certain pathologies.  Nutrients and microelements  Medical, sports  Hypertonic, isotonic, hypotonic 

Table 2 presents Functional Drinks by composition and purpose. 

Functional Drinks  Classification  Combined functional drinks 
Large scale purpose   Juice-based, based on medicinal components, having a combined composition, enriched water (dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, premixes)  Juice-based with the addition of medicinal ingredients 
Milk based 
With the use of grain crops 
With the use of mineral water 
With the use of honey products 
A special purpose for certain groups of the population  For athletes, diabetics, children and teenagers, gerodietic, unhealthy occupation, energy 

The most effective amino acids in functional water 

The greatest benefits have functional drinks which include the amino acids Arginine and Taurine. These substances are highly soluble in water and have a positive effect on the vital activity of almost all human organs, acting on the cellular level. Both components improve blood circulation and metabolism, help oxygen and nutrients to better enter in muscle tissue, prevent stress. Arginine plays a key role in the synthesis of many proteins and is a donor of nitric oxide. Taurine, in turn, plays a large role in energy exchange in the body.

The need for these amino acids especially increases after 35 years, with stress, heavy physical exertion, increased training, as well as during illness. It is advisable to get them from dietary supplements and functional drinks. You can use functional water every day, thereby saturating the body with useful substances.