Organic proteins – a new generation of protein for athletes!

What proteins are is known to every modern person involved in sports or fitness. Admit it, you probably took a protein shake or a snack with a protein bar too?

Building material for your muscles, a constant assistant by preparation for competitions, a useful and accessible snack – sports nutrition with proteins has many advantages. Protein is providing growth of muscular tissue. Supplements with protein practically do not contain carbohydrates and fats, suppress appetite and contribute to the normalization of metabolism.

Disadvantages of previous generation proteins

1. Overdose

There are few disadvantages in protein intake – the main danger that athletes often face is overdose. In an effort to build muscle, enthusiastic people take more protein than their body can safely assimilate. Excess dosage leads to abnormal liver and kidney function, gastrointestinal disorders and other problems.

2. Complexity of calculation

Independently correctly calculate the permissible rate of protein intake was not easy before. To do this, it was necessary not only to follow the recommendations from sports nutrition, but also to carefully consider all the protein taken with food. With the advent of proteins of new generation (about them below), it has become much simpler to keep the rate under control.

3. General recommendations

Another disadvantage of protein cocktails of the previous generation – are general recommendations for intake which are not considering the peculiarities of your body. In all recommendations are given the average consumption rates of protein, but each organism is individual and processes protein differently. With the same amount of supplements taken, one person may receive an overdose of protein, while to another it will be insufficiently for muscle growth.

Protein of new generation

Scientists have long been looking for a way to make protein as accessible, digestible and acting targeted as possible. We hurry to please you: finally they succeeded! The international team of scientists of the European company Ideal Pharma Peptide has created innovative peptide complexes. Professors and doctors of medical sciences from different countries – Germany, Italy, France, Russia, England, Japan, China and the USA worked on the development of high-tech raw materials.

Among the best peptide complexes IPH from Ideal Pharma Peptide is a protein of new generation: organic protein IPH. This is revolutionary product that is made from plant materials and enhanced by short peptides. High-quality plant-based protein, without gluten and dairy residue, it is enhanced by smart peptide complexes. Short peptides in the composition of organic proteins synergistically enhance the effect of a mixture of pea hydrolyzate and rice protein

Benefits of Organic Proteins IPH

1. High efficiency

Studies have confirmed that the efficiency of the intake of complexes of organic proteins increases by at least twice, compared to taking the usual protein mixes. Peptide complexes IPH multiply all the best properties of protein, they provide your body with vital energy, improve the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, normalize glucose metabolism.

2. Minimum consumption

The use of protein-peptide complexes eliminates the risk of overdose. Even at the time of the most intense workouts, you will need to take much less organic protein than the additives of the previous generation.

3. Personalized action

That are smart short peptides, as part of innovative complexes, that help the protein to act personalized. They take care of delivering the proteins that your body needs, exactly to the target.

4. Safety

Protein peptide complexes are made from high quality plant materials. They are perfectly balanced in composition, they contain the amino acids BCAA and other amino acids necessary for your active lifestyle.

5. Multiple choice

The line of protein peptides IPH from the European company Ideal Pharma Peptide contains three types of complexes that can solve your individual tasks, depending on the goals that you set for yourself today.

IPH Organic Protein Types

Peptide complex IPH AGAA

Today this is the best complex for people actively involved in sports and fitness. This complex affects muscle and tissue and helps:

  • to normalize the metabolism;
  • to restore water and mineral balance;
  • to prevent cell damage during workouts.

Take this protein complex at the time of active sports to significantly improve the elasticity of the muscles, to ensure their continued nutrition and to protection them from damage.

Peptide complex IPH AVN

Purposefully acts on the blood vessels and the whole bloodstream of the body. Organic Proteins with IPH AVN:

  • improve the endurance of blood vessels and restore their damage;
  • normalize the regeneration of the walls of the heart and blood vessels;
  • rejuvenate blood vessels;
  • reduce the risk of heart disease.

Peptide complex IPH AEN

Proteins enhanced by peptides in the composition of IPH AEN, purposefully act on the joints, restore their functionality. This complex:

  • enhances the synthesis of cartilage cells;
  • stimulates enhanced bone tissue regeneration;
  • activates neocollagenogenesis and production of hyaluronic acid;
  • prevents the destruction of cartilage tissue.

Organic Proteins IPH are new generation of complexes created by world-famous biotechnologists specifically for people who are actively involved in sports. Add them today to your diet, and tomorrow you will achieve new sports results!