Syndrome of chronic information exhaustion

Syndrome of chronic information exhaustion

The modern stage of the development of civilization is associated with an explosive increase in the flow of information with which a person has to interact both in professional activity and in everyday life. Poor organization of the work process, dependence on electronic gadgets, violation of natural biological rhythm and nervous overexertion, eventually lead to negative somatic and psychoemotional manifestations of the syndrome of chronic information exhaustion (SCIE) or squeezed syndrome.
It is necessary to draw a clear line between the syndrome of chronic information exhaustion and similar clinical conditions (asthenic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurasthenia, usual physiological fatigue). The key difference of SCIE is that the manifestation of the disease does not depend on infectious, somatic and temporal environmental factors. The appearance of the syndrome is associated with a strictly limited list of prerequisites (“squeezed-environment”).
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What factors lead to the formation of the syndrome

The disease develops under the influence of the so-called “squeezed-environment”, formed by the following set of conditions:

  • the professional need to analyze large amounts of information from various sources;
  • excessive, uncontrolled use of electronic gadgets for entertainment and communication;
  • hypodynamia, especially characteristic for office workers, causing violations of vegetal regulation and diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • general state of psychoemotional overstrain.

The syndrome develops in three consecutive stages. The first manifestations are observed during the first year of stay in the squeezed environment, the unfolded second stage lasts from one to five years. In the third stage, without a clear time frame, the risk of neuropsychiatric and somatic complications increases

Symptomatic and clinical manifestations

How to understand that a person suffers from chronic information exhaustion syndrome? The characteristic symptoms of the disease manifest themselves in the form of:

  • dispersion,
  • increased fatigue,
  • permanent, not connected with objective necessity, attention to electronic gadgets,
  • excessive emotional reaction to news events, messages in social networks and other information consumed from the Internet and the media.

If the listed symptoms have a pronounced character and are not subjected to timely medication, behavioral and psychotherapeutic correction, there is further aggravation of SCIE. People who are predisposed to asthenia, the clinical manifestations may be faster than the rest. Syndrome in the last stages of development can be expressed in diseases:

  • heart rhythm disorder;
  • high blood pressure;
  • dysmetabolism, adiposity;
  • frequent headaches, cognitive impairment (difficulty remembering events, lapse of concentration), insomnia;
  • pain in the joints, loss of muscle strength;
  • behavioral disorders, pronounced dependence on electronic devices and gadgets.

Peptide complexes IPH as a means of combating SCIE

Innovative developments of the company Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH in the field of dietary supplements can solve a wide range of tasks. Of particular interest is the effect on the body of peptide complexes IPH based on short peptides, affecting the nervous, endocrine, immune system. It lacks the disadvantages characteristic of polypeptides with similar properties, because it is better absorbed by the body, does not contain foreign protein compounds, and does not cause allergic reactions.

As the research results have shown, peptide complexes IPH can be successfully used to combat the symptoms of the syndrome of chronic information exhaustion. The corrective action of products based on the peptide complex IPH takes the following forms:

  • Due to its antioxidant properties, the peptide optimizes the course of energy processes inside cells, stabilizes the synthesis of biologically active substances
  • There is an extension of the life cycle of cells, including nervous;
  • Activation of the metabolic process, replenishment of the body’s energy reserves;
  • General preventive effect, reduction of fatigue and exhaustion;
  • Management of asthenic symptoms, improvement of well-being, increase of stress resistance.

The constant intake of products based on peptide complexes IPH is not associated with any side effects and can be recommended at the first manifestations of SCIE. Biologically active additives based on IPH peptide complexes have been clinically tested and found to be absolutely safe.