Press release

Dr. Med.R. Roitman spoke about WHO symposium

An international symposium devoted to extension of life was ended in Geneva. Impressions about this event were shared by the representative of company Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH – Dr. Med. R. Roitman

According to Dr. Med. R. Roitman it is very good that not only medical and scientific organizations, but also the World Health Organization (WHO) are involved in longevity.

Human life has certainly increased in comparison with last centuries. Nevertheless such events as the symposium are extremely important and significant.

Dr. Med. R. Roitman was impressed by the speech of Professor T. Lezhava devoted to epigenetic and Professor V. Khavinson’s report on short peptides. Dr. Med. R. Roitman stressed the prospects of short peptides and peptide complexes which attract scientists from all over the world for the past 40 years.

Already now peptides are used in many areas and products: medicine, cosmetology, sports nutrition, dietary supplements. Dr. Med. R. Roitman expressed the hope that in the near future scientists will be able to use peptides to diagnose and treat various diseases in the earliest stages at the cellular level.

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