Press release

Ideal Pharma Peptide declares the change of logo

The European company Ideal Pharma Peptide announces the change of a corporate logo.

The decision on restyling was made on the 20th anniversary of this company which was celebrated on October 6, 2017. The last emblem of the company played an important role in shaping its image, but by this day the reached level of development demanded the need to make a fresh note to the brand image. The created logo will mark the company’s rise to a new level.

Ideal Pharma Peptide is the developer of the innovative complex BCAA with peptide IPH AGAA. The complex created on the basis of three amino acids and a short peptide is made to quickly and harmlessly help the body to gain dry muscle mass. This is the latest product on the market of sports nutrition which due to its effective and harmless composition has the highest success among bodybuilders and professional athletes. Ideal Pharma Peptide Company offers the unique complex created on advanced technologies which passed numerous clinical tests. Thus, creating revolutionary products and guided by the innovative views Ideal Pharma Peptide aims to make the brand more modern and recognizable.

The main message of the updated logo is "We are moving to a new stage of development".

The trademark labeled Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH was rephrased in Ideal Pharma Peptide, which sounds simpler, is easier to remember and reflects the company’s activities as much as possible. Also color scale was replaced: soft lines of texts are underlined gray and violet. These colors are chosen not accidentally. Gray color reflects a maturity and confidence of the company, and rich violet shows dynamism and energy. According to the head of Ideal Pharma Peptide, these colors are a real symbiosis of novelty and strength of creation and perfectly reflect the nature of the company. Transparent background of the logo makes it clear: no magic, only high technology.

The new emblem undoubtedly symbolizes leadership ambitions and interest in achieving the goals. But the rebranding of Ideal Pharma Peptide does not end there. In the plans there are other novelties that will tell about the achievements and innovative products of the company.