Ideal Pharma Peptide (Germany) is pleased to announce a new agreement with ALASK OMEGA (USA)

Omega Peptide IPH 7 and Omega Peptide IPH 3 perfect form of omega acids

Ideal Pharma Peptide (Germany) is pleased to announce a new agreement with ALASK OMEGA (USA), which has been operating on the world market since 1981, specializing in the manufacture of raw materials for nutritional supplements, pediatric and sports nutrition.

ALASK OMEGA strictly monitors the production and purification processes of the raw materials Omega 3 and Omega 7, which are produced from fresh fish of salmon species in an ecologically clean zone in Alaska.

Together, the companies will bring a completely new raw material to the world market: the dry form of the omega-peptide IPH 7 and the omega-peptide IPH 3 with the peptide complex IPH AG.

The regulatory peptide complex IPH AG contained in the composition is a natural bioregulator and acts only locally in the intestinal lumen and contributes to:

  • Improvement of the functional state of the mucous membrane and the metabolic processes in enterocytes;
  • Increased activity of enterocyte transport systems in the transfer of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and microelements from the intestine into the blood;
  • Preventing the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms from the intestine into the blood;
  • Strengthening the immunity of the intestinal wall;
  • Increased absorption of active substances in the intestinal wall;
  • Improvement of intestinal microbiome and activation of processes therein and prevention of formation of pathogenic microflora and toxins.