New peptide complex GABA IPH AG

GABA IPH AG is a new amino acid peptide complex developed by Ideal Pharma Peptide. This innovative product has pronounced anti-aging properties, which allows it to be used in the cosmetic industry in order to achieve the following results:

New peptide complex GABA IPH AG

  1. Regeneration of damaged skin is achieved by improving its protective functions, increasing cell proliferation and the production of its own glutathione. This substance has antioxidant properties, prevents cell oxidation and promotes their renewal. As a result, dryness and roughness of the skin are eliminated, its smoother and radiant appearance are improved.
  2. Activation of the processes responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid – a polysaccharide that attracts and stores moisture in the tissues of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid also protects the skin from negative external influences, prevents evaporation of moisture and stimulates regenerative processes. GABA IPH AG allows to increase the production of hyaluronic acid more than twice, with the result that the skin becomes fresh, moisturized, smoother and more toned.
  3. The use of the amino acid polypeptide complex GABA IPH AG helps improve the nutrition of the epidermis with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and trace elements contained in the blood. Due to this, the skin becomes more healthy, fresh and youthful appearance. The product also improves the absorption of other nutrients that are contained in cosmetics. This allows GABA IPH AG to be used both individually and in combination with other useful components.
  4. Aminobutyric acid has a general healing effect – it increases local immunity, improves blood circulation, prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and the accumulation of toxins.

Unlike other molecules that are larger in size, peptides penetrate cells perfectly, regulating important processes in the deep tissues of the dermis.

Age-related changes, stress, diseases, negative external influences lead to a gradual decrease in the number of peptides in the body, which causes its weakening and aging. Since the body is not able to produce peptides on its own, their use helps in a short time to get a pronounced cosmetic effect.

Thus, due to the achievement of biomolecular engineering, the GABA IPH AG complex allows to compensate for the deficiency of peptides, to slow down the processes of natural aging and restore the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.