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Peptide complex IPH-AGAA: opinion of a professional

The prize-winner of the international class on bodybuilding shared her opinion on efficiency of the peptide complex IPH-AGAA.

L. Goshko is a multiple prize-winner of international championships in bodybuilding. She told about her latest achievements, plans for the future and the influence of sports nutrition on training and recovery processes.

According to the sportswoman, at the moment she managed to realize her goal — to become a European champion in category Women’s Physique over 163. The victory in the European Championship entitles to receive a PRO-card and participate in competitions with top athletes of the world.

«At the moment I’m impressed by Juliana Malacarne. She is well-shaped and has not lost femininity, although it is very difficult in our preparation. My dream is to stand with her in TOP-5. After the rest I will start preparing for Arnold Сlassik and Mr. Olympia IFBB PRO «, says L. Goshko.

The sportswoman noted that for recovering between the championships and during the trainings helps sport nutrition with the amino-acid peptide complex IPH-AGAA.

The peptide complex IPH-AGAA revivals body and organism, gives strength for grueling training and provides a balanced diet in the post-training process. Short peptides which are a complex basis give bodybuilders the opportunity to keep the necessary shape as long as possible and not to lose it with age.