Press release

L. Goshko has won the first place on the IFBB European Bodybuilding&Fitness Championships in Spain.

Bodybuilder L. Goshko became the champion of the IFBB European Bodybuilding & Fitness championships in the category Women’s Physique over 163 sm in Santa Susanna, Spain. The championship took place from May 3 to May 8, 2017.

1500 athletes from 44 countries participated in the championship. Participants acted in categories: Bodybuilding, Classical Bodybuilding, Men’s and Female Beach Bodybuilding, Bodyfitness, Fitness Bikini.

In her recent interview L. Goshko has told that Peptide complex BCAA IPH-AGAA from the Сompany Ideal Pharma is essential in her training process. Its effect is based on the combination of amino acids BCAA and short peptide IPH-AGAA, which accelerates the metabolism in muscles, promotes the growth of new muscle cells and increases the efficiency of BCAA.

L. Goshko has been using BCAA IPH-AGAA for years. In her view, Peptide complex from Company Ideal Pharma was one of the factors of her winnings. Now the bodybuilder is preparing for the autumn of 2018, and in her plans for 2017 is to become a world champion.