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Sport nutrition. What to choose?

Peptides are popular In amateur and professional sports. They can be divided into 2 groups: short peptides and polypeptides.

Peptides consist of amino acids. If the peptide contains 3-4 amino acids, it is a short peptide. If the peptide contains 20-30 or more amino acids, it is a polypeptide. Polypeptides are almost the same as proteins — the most important molecules in our body. Peptide functions directly depend on its length.

Polypeptides promote fat burning, stimulate muscle growth, improve immunity and increase general well-being. Their disadvantages: they can be incompatible with each other, foreign to the body and cause allergies. As polypeptides are often of animal origin in case of violation of purification technology they can contain dangerous impurity – such as foreign proteins, DNA fragments, viruses, etc..

Short peptides consisting of 2-4 amino acids do not have these disadvantages. They can be synthesized chemically excluding allergens. IPH peptide complexes with short peptides are structurally completely identical to natural peptides. In sports nutrition they are used in lower concentration than polypeptides.

IPH peptide complexes digest well by the body. Short IPH peptides immediately enter the blood and tissues from the gastrointestinal tract without breaking up.

Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH has developed a series of short IPH peptides for sport, food and cosmetics industries. The IPH peptides stimulate nervous, immune and hormonal systems and activate metabolism. Short peptides have antioxidant properties.