The Ideal Pharma Peptide Company signed the new contract with Jiaherb

The Ideal Pharma Peptide Company signed the new contract with Jiaherb – the Chinese brand, one of the most known in the world which specializes in production of plant extracts for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

The Jiaherb Company has 18 years’ experience in the vegetative industry, its products are manufactured at 6 plants located in the USA, Indonesia and China. Jiaherb uses only natural certified ingredients to make its products. The range of manufactured products includes:

  • more than 400 types of plant extracts;
  • more than 100 types of dietary products;
  • more than 100 types of grain, vegetable and fruit powder preparations.

The company also manufactures peptide complexes OEM and ODM, which are part of powders, granules, tablets and capsules. To produce its innovative products, Jiaherb uses advanced optimized technologies and modern equipment conforming to the GMP standards.

The cooperation of Ideal Pharma Peptide and Jiaherb companies resulted in innovative peptide complexes intended for recovery of health of men. The complexes are based on natural ingredients and peptides.

Extract & Peptide Complex IPH MHP

The complex is designed to improve the work of the prostate and restore its functions. It relieves inflammation, increases potency, relieves pain and problems with urination. The product has a regenerative effect, improves the condition of the blood vessels and nutrition of the prostate tissues with nutrients.

It contains extracts of palm fruits and pumpkin seed, lycopene, peptides complexes IPH AVN and IPH PRO.

Extract & Peptide Complex IPH MHT

The effect of the complex is aimed at maintaining men’s health and treating weak erections. The product helps to increase sperm production, has an aphrodisiac effect, increasing sexual desire. Use of this drug allows to clean the body from toxins, to increase its protective forces, to improve the blood and the reproductive system of men.

The product contains extracts of such plants as barrenwort, nettle and pine bark, peptides complexes IPH AVN and IPH LGA.

Extract & Peptide Complex IPH MHUT

The complex is intended to prevent the development of disorders of the urogenital system and eliminate chronic diseases of the kidneys, bladder and prostate gland. Product effectively relieves spasms and eliminates inflammations, protects against the negative effects of free radicals, improves the filtration functions of kidneys, has diuretic properties. Due to antioxidant properties the use of product allows to slow down cell aging processes.

The product contains extracts of a St. John’s wort, African cherry, green tea and also peptides complexes IPH AVN and IPH VGA.