Omega Peptide IPH

Omega-Peptide Complexes from Ideal Pharma Peptide are innovative products on the nutraceutical market. Due to verified formulas and carefully selected components of plant origin complexes perform safely, quickly and purposefully, ensuring positive effects for both groups of intensively trained athletes and all who wish to maintain health and active longevity.
Peptides in the Omega-Peptide Complexes accelerate the process of assimilation of unsaturated omega-fatty acids and other nutrients derived from food, which is very important for athletes in conditions of intensive training.

Unsaturated fatty acids are not usually produced by the body, therefore should regularly come with nutrition in sufficient quantities. Omega-Peptide Complexes allows to easily fill the gap and provide maximum targeted benefits.

Omega Peptide IPH 3

Innovative complex is based on active peptide IPH AEN, enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3.
This complex is effective both for prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and as an additional means to the prescribed treatment regimen. It has the ability to positively affect the work of many body systems and allows to maintain activity for everyone who cares for their health.

Omega Peptide IPH 3 ideal pharma peptidePeptide IPH AEN
Due to the target action of short peptide IPH AEN an increase in the synthesis and renewal of cartilage cells occurs, which accelerates the process of an osteanagenesis. It helps to support the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, in particular the joints, prevents and slows down inflammatory and degenerative processes. Peptide IPH AEN can rightly be called a powerful bioregulator for the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it is quickly absorbed and enhances the effects of Omega-3.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3
The most important Omega-3 acids are alpha-linolenic, eicosapentaenoicand docosahexaenoic acids. They are not synthesized in the human body and are irreplaceable substances that must be regularly obtained in sufficient quantities from food. Omega-3 acids actively participate in cells building and tissue regeneration, have anti-inflammatory effects, help to restore joint function, improve skin quality. In combination with peptide IPH AEN even more increase its effect on cartilages and a bone tissue.

Effects and results:

  • elasticity of tendons and ligaments;
  • reduction of inflammatory reactions in joints;
  • recovery of motions amplitude;
  • OMEGA strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

Major factors to intake this complex:

  • intense physical and sports strains
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • obesity;
  • age-related changes in the structure of the musculoskeletal system.

Omega Peptide IPH 5

Main component of the unique complex — active peptide IPH AG — works in pair with polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-5, obtained from high-quality pomegranate grains oil.

This complex is a recognized treatment and prevention of obesity symptoms, as well as the facilitator for fastest recovery after active sports training. Capacity of the product to activate the cells of the intestinal mucosa allows it to be successfully used in metabolic disorders and age-related decline intestine.

Omega Peptide IPH 5 ideal pharma peptidePepetide IPH AG
Regulatory target active peptide IPH AG manifests its qualities in the intestine, significantly improving its function. Peptide improves the quality of intestinal microflora and prevents the formation of pathogenic microorganisms, which generally improves the condition of the intestinal mucosa. It has an important property to activate enterocytes, greatly enhances the absorption of all nutrients, including Omega-5.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-5
Main component is the pomegranate acid (also known as punicic or trichosanic acid). It is irreplaceable, not produced in the body and must come from nutrition. Pomegranate is the only common plant product which oil of grains contains about 85% valuable acid. The cold pressed method used to obtain pomegranate oil allows to keep all of its useful properties. Pomegranate acid has powerful antioxidant activity and strong antichloristic effect.

Effects and results:

  • antioxidant effects;
  • rapid absorption of useful substances;
  • antichloristic effect;
  • accelerate tissue regeneration and reduction of muscle soreness after physical effort;
  • improvement of the skin, hair and nails condition.

Indications to use:

  • relief of inflammation (as a plant antiseptic);
  • maintaining and improving work of all the organs and systems;
  • age-related changes (maintaining a healthy structure of the skin, hair and nails).

Omega peptide IPH 6

This complex includes the active peptide IPH AGAA enriched by polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6, obtained from the safflower tinctorial seed oil (wild saffron) which curative properties were known since more than three thousand years.

This complex is more effective in intensive workouts to improve athletic performance and regular physical activity to increase endurance.

Omega Peptide IPH 6 ideal pharma peptidePeptide IPH AGAA
Target effect peptide IPH AGAA is essential functional nutrition of athletes. It is quickly absorbed which is essential in the conditions of intensive physical exertion. Its targeted action has an antioxidant effect, preventing damage of muscle cells during exercising; improves metabolism and microcirculation in muscle tissue; has a stimulating effect on the muscles in hypoxia and accelerates their growth.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids OMEGA-6
The most significant for the body substances in the group of Omega-6 acids are linoleic and arachidonic essential acids. They are not produced in the body and should be regularly taken from nutrition. Their anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic, healing, sedative, vascular-strengthening and anti-lipid properties ensure the proper functioning of several body systems. Omega-6 acids activates metabolic processes in the cells, strengthens the skeletal system, accelerates the growth of the muscle tissue, prevents the occurrence of inflammations and destruction of nerve fibers, regulates the synthesis

Effects and results:

  • increase in elasticity of muscles;
  • increase of muscle function;
  • growth of “dry” muscle mass;
  • acceleration of recovery after exercising;
  • increase endurance of the body.

Indications to use:

  • intense exercise;
  • weakening of the muscular system in old age;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • obesity (strengthening of the muscular system).

Omega peptide IPH 7

Unique combination of active short peptide IPH AG and monounsaturated fatty acids omega-7 obtained from sea buckthorn berries oil.

This complex is of particular interest for actively training athletes, as well as people with excessive weight. It regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism, including conditions of elevated mental and physical activity, helps to increase muscles mass. Helps to avoid nutrient deficiencies and prevents vascular diseases arising due to violation of lipid metabolism.

Omega Peptide IPH 7 ideal pharma peptidePeptide IPH AG
Regulatory target active peptide acts in the intestine, it is improving intestines function and local immunity. The unique property of IPH AG peptide is the capacity to preserve its influence on intestines even during chronic inflammations and hyposecretion of glands, which is especially important during regular sports trainings and also excess weight problems. It has the ability to increase absorbability function by activating the transport systems of enterocytes, which transfer the most important substances in the body, including Omega-7, from the intestine to the blood.

  • improve the quality of intestinal microflora;
  • activate the body’s transport system;
  • improve the permeability of the intestinal mucosa;
  • enhance the absorption of nutrients from food.

Monounsaturated fatty acids Omega-7
Sea buckthorn oil is a leader on the content of Omega-7 acids and is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and promotes the fastest regeneration tissue remedy. Among Omega-7 the palmitoleic acid, which is considered as natural fatty tissue hormone, is particularly valuable. It has a number of positive effects on the body: maintains the level of triglycerides and high-density lipoproteins, improves body’s adaptation to stress conditions, controls appetite and prevents obesity, allows to change the ratio of fat and muscle mass.

Effects and results:

  • weight normalization increase in muscle mass with a decrease in fat mass;
  • improvement of metabolism and absorption of useful substances;
  • increase immunity and endurance of the body.

Indications to use:

  • active sports (increasing the ratio of muscle / fat mass);
  • overweight and obesity, metabolicsyndrome;
  • maintaining overall health;
  • age-related changes in the structure of the musculoskeletal system.

Omega peptide IPH 9

This complex includes IPH AVN active peptide and unsaturated fatty acids of Omega-9, obtained from olive fruit oil.

This complex will be applicable in the presence of the cardiovascular system diseases, intensive sports exercises and also as prophylactic treatment of cardiovascular problems and for maintenance general health.

Omega Peptide IPH 9 ideal pharma peptidePeptide IPH AVN
The IPH AVN peptide complex is a powerful bioregulator of the cardiovascular system. It helps to restore the walls of the damaged vessels, returning them to normal functioning. These particular properties to strengthen and protect vessels allows to use this peptide as a prophylactic agent to reduce the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases and to increase vascular resistance to intense physical exertion, to slow down the aging processes of the body and to reduce the negative external factors impact of on the health of the vascular system.
Peptide complex enhances the positive effects of omega-9 fatty acids and accelerates their absorption capacity.

Unsaturated fatty acids Omega-9
Olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine, one of the most beneficial to health. Olive oil is important for healthy nutrition due to its high content of Omega-9. The leader and the most significant substance of this group of acids is oleic acid, which is directly involved in many processes of the body. Its main properties are optimization of work of the cell membranes, prevention of cholesterol plaques formation on the walls of the blood vessels, anti-inflammatory action, and control of carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolisms.

Effects and results:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • normalization of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism;
  • prevention of the cholesterol plaques formation;
  • improvement of the body’s energy supply.

Main indications:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • physical or emotional stress;
  • overweight and obesity;
  • middle and old age (strengthening cardiovascular systems);
  • sedentary lifestyle.